What Are Good Fundraising Ideas For Schools? Giving Assistant

OneCause offers easy fundraisers for schools , which can streamline your event. Donors purchase raffle tickets and place them in bowls next to each item. An emcee draws a single ticket from each bowl, and the winner receives the prize!
ABC Fundraising® has made our cookie dough fundraiser the most profitable cookie dough fundraiser available—take advantage of our special bonuses to raise even more money. Candles have been one of the top selling fundraising products for years. They remain a top seller because most American homes purchase candles.
Many groups complain about having to compete against elementary schools that are selling large shoppers. Many students favor selling lower-priced items like lollipops, or perhaps you can offer something with a bit of nutritional value, like a popcorn fundraiser. Middle school students enjoy selling these products because they can offer them to their peers.
Flyers and signage are a huge way to market and attract potential buyers to your Christmas bake sale. Make sure to post them early in your school and community to get a large turnout. We also have fundraiser checklists available to make sure your event goes smoothly as possible.
Half of the jackpot will go to the winner, and the other half will support your basketball team’s fundraising efforts. A bake sale is another tried-and-true fundraising idea that’s relatively easy to set up. Just ask the bakers of your community to contribute some yummy treats to your sale.
These posts should also include a link to your online donation page to spread awareness of your fundraising efforts. You can even create a rule that states that supporters can either participate in the challenge or have to donate instead. A raffle is another win-win fundraising idea that can support your team while offering one lucky winner a valuable cash prize. In a raffle, you’ll sell raffle tickets and choose a winner.
This is another opportunity for the students to dress in their Easter Bunny best but this activity does require a little research beforehand. At the end of the event, you ask the parents to donate however much they thought they would have spent on the goodies if they were required to buy them on their own. This activity can be added as a supplemental activity to a field day or done over the course of a week. Facemasks are another popular option especially since the pandemic began, so you can add logos to those as well. Offer a few options and create a new variation each year so families can purchase each year if they want. This program has evolved from cutting the tops of cereal boxes off to a full-blown app.
It is important to motivate your participants and their parents. Your objective should be to motivate many to sell the minimum number of items you require rather than motivating a few who try to be a top seller. We have had years of success in encouraging organizations to plan celebration events for the participant who sell a minimum number of items. Other ideas include a movie and popcorn night, a game night, a dance.